Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Keke Lindgard.

I would dress in every one of these outfits in a heartbeat. I was so close to getting a sweet pair of patchwork jeans and of course they ran out of my size. Do you think one of the stylists will dress me?... for free... These spreads are for Elle France. So jealous.

Marque Creative.

Exquisite design work done for the Nolitan Hotel by Marque Creative. It's so refreshing seeing new identity work.

Compeixalaigua Design Studio.

Compeixalaigua Design Studio of Barcelona have created a range of flexible silicone dishes for steaming and serving food. While wrapped up the open ends of the dishes allows air to circulate, steaming the food inside. Sounds pretty cool to me!

Alejandra Laviada.

I'm loving the "Photo Sculptures" of photographer Alejandra Laviada.

Tamagotchi For Your Desk.

Every time I look at these I just want to laugh. How darling is this? Talk about a bubble boy...

Paper + Craft.

Perfect for the crafty friend or relative on your holiday shopping list: Paper + Craft. Photographed by Johnny Miller (you no doubt recognize his work for Martha Stewart) and styled by Randi Brookman Harris (who’s also from the World of Martha), the book is full of simple and charming projects... maybe I should put this on my wish list?


Some lovely dresses found over at Shotwell.

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Fold.

I think my little envelope card holder and this snazzy guy should go on a date. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match... Fiddler on the Roof anyone? Ah, I loooove that movie.. ok done now.

Tinek Home.

These hues have got me hooked. I don't normally fall for dark colors, but this looks so rich its hard not to resist. Someday I'll have a home to decorate!

Billy Bride.

Absolutely stunning, don't you agree? I am so envious of anyone who owns a Billy Bride piece...

Caribou Creative.

Caribou Creative are selling these (and more!) limited edition prints, click here to get more info!

Claire Brewster.

Oh Claire you have got me now... so lovely!

Etsy Favorites.

So I've decided that maybe once a week, every other week? I will share some of the items from my Etsy favorites.

1. Vintage Selro Confetti and Topaz Rhinestone Earrings.
2. Vintage Large Brass Deer Figurines.
3. Antique Wooden Folding Chair.
4. Deco Pin Cushion Globe.
5. Arctic Animal Finger Puppets.

Music Monday 15.

Curtis Jinkins.

I am really enjoying the work by designer Curtis Jinkins. My Father loves Lonesome Dove so I had to show Jinkins poster for it... :)