Friday, October 29, 2010


My baby sister and the rest of her Cross Country team are state bound tomorrow so I will be vacant in the blogging world. If only we had been that good when I was in CC! They've had an amazing season and have basically been dominating so no matter how they do they have a lot to be proud of. Let's go St. Mary's Springs Lady Ledgers!!

Elmo Tide.

Really amazing two part set of photography by Elmo Tide showcasing America in its light to heavy cultural activities.

500 Colored Pencils.

Japanese design house, Felissimo's 500 Colored Pencils is a set so vast and precise that it is itself a work of art. Like an atomic breakdown of the color spectrum, the group consists of 500 pencils, each crafted with serene specificity so that no hue has gone uncaptured.

Allison Connell.

Over the course of a year, artist and designer Allison Connell bound a new book each month, each with its own inter est ing details. Each day she filled the books with illus tra tions, col lages and other art work, result ing in 12 unique hand-bound artist books. 340 presents each book in its entirety, and here are a cou ple of exam ples of what you’ll see there.

Lauren Manoogian.

Lauren makes beautiful jewelry out of unexpected materials like plastics and paper clips.

Christien Meindertsma.

Oh man. The first three images are from Christien Meindertsma's project One Sheep Cardigan. Where she took the wool from a sheep and knitted it into a sweater. The last three images are from a current project entitled One Sheep Sweater 2010. There is only one flock of merino sheep in the Netherlands, owned by Mathee Kamp. The sheep have been shorn and the wool is on the way to be washed and spun. Not only do I love the concept of Christien's projects, but the images that document them are so well done!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sannah Kvist.

Photographs from Sannah Kvist's "All I Own" collection. One thing I noticed is almost everyone has white walls... this needs to end. Cool concept though!


Gorgeous Fendi 2011 sunglasses. Love.

Wee People.

Oh my God. Free People has now come out with a line for "their tiniest muses". Precious!! "The collection captures the spirit of the free people girl in her earliest stages, when fairy tales are real and imagination knows no boundaries. whimsical party dresses to release her inner princess, cozy sweaters and items with free people’s unique details and elements to make her feel as special as she is." I hope by the time my sister's little darling is old enough to wear these clothes I'll be able to afford to gift her a few!

Double Knotted.

Here's a very cool way of tying hair at Michael Kors SS11. When it comes to hair and make-up I am la-zy, but this looks 'easy' and cute. Now I just need to figure out exactly how that’s done.

Klaas Kuiken.

This adorable birdhouse tile was designed by Klaas Kuiken. Nowadays birds are not welcome under roof tiles anymore, so they lost a beautiful nesting place. Placing a house on top of a roof tile, now creates a nice place for a birds nest.

Perpetual Paris.

Perpetual Paris is a project that celebrates the typography of Paris, France. You can put the photos together to form an extra large, 3ft x 3ft square perpetual calendar and photo collage.

J. Morgan Puett.

Conceptual installation artist J. Morgan Puett began her career in fashion design (and garnered acclaim for her art installation meets retail concept stores) until in 1997 she created the artists' colony Mildred’s Lane. Decay and chaos blend seamlessly with beauty and considered collections. Referencing the past it is a living working art installation.


Part of the WeWOOD philosophy: WEWOOD has emerged out of Italy as an emblem of eco-luxury and design, committed to the health of our planet. For every watch they sell they plant a tree, how great is that?

Cardon Webb.

New York graphic designer Cardon Webb collects fliers and hand-written notices from his neighbourhood and replaces them with his own re-designed versions. Calling the project Cardon Copy, Webb uses exactly the same wording as the original notice, whether for a for a missing pet or garage sale, but adds his own imagery and graphic style. This is such a great idea! Love it.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have You Met Miss Jones.

Have You Met Miss Jones is an Australian-based lifestyle company dedicated to providing contemporary designs for the interior. Started by Jennifer Jones who has a background in fashion, having worked in the UK and Australia for iconic brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Nike and Diesel, the company originally specialized in white bone china but has now expanded to include clay pottery, capiz shell, metal and woodwork.