Thursday, September 29, 2011

brushes, brooms, cleavers, cutting boards, knives, feathers and scissors are just some of the objects used in thierry despont's masks.

hallstatt, salzkammergut, austria. austria is on the very top of my future-travels-list, is it not stunning?
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Bili Bidjocka interview from Ecriture Infinie on Vimeo.

a wonderful project by bili bidjocka, titled ecriture infinie (infinite writing); curated by simon njami.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ohh la la. do you see what i see? yes, i'm pretty sure you do. SUPER is known for taking vintage frames and updating them with a touch of super future to make for truly unique eyewear. this pair, the giaguaro, is definitely no exception.

old new house. 

new collection at hello tenfold.
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

clara is fascinated by anything tech-ish; be it the remote, my cellphone, laptop...etc. i can't wait until i can get her one of these wooden i-wood laptops of her own! (plus, it's made in germany - perfection.) hmm... this has got me thinking, i could probably make a version of this for clara myself...
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top ten misused english words.

10. refute
 9. instant
 8. enormity
 7. less
 6. chronic
 5. literally
 4. panacea
 3. disinterested
 2. decimate
 1. ultimate

read the explanations of why here. i most certainly misused ultimate this morning...

hastings on hudson throws.

Friday, September 23, 2011

happy weekend! today i officially booked a one-way ticket to california for early november. moving, like, to live -moving. i love the midwest dearly, but i've been saving my pennies to try something adventurous while it's still a possibility and the opportunity is presenting itself. will fully enjoy the last several weeks i'm here until the next chapter in my life begins. it's definitely fall here, hope you all enjoy yourselves this weekend!
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have just finished reading the dark art of pricing by jessica hische. wise words of advice to freelancers from an amazing artist/designer/illustrator extraordinaire. also, appropriately titled.

uniform wares 100 series wristwatch, version 102.

happy fall everyone! is it really that time already?
image: meyer felix