Saturday, April 30, 2011

botanical dreaming.

leif podhajsky.

esoteric geometry.

brooklyn-based artist louise despont draws highly complex patterns and symmetrical forms rendered largely in graphite on antique ledger paper and yellowed Indian parchment.


I apologize for being absent these last few days. I know, I'm bad. The internet was down a couple of the days (yea, I went days! without) and yesterday it was absolutely beautiful out so Clara and I went on a couple of walks doing a little garage sale hunting while we were at it. You just can't waste a beautiful day in Wisconsin, we've been desperately praying for Spring/Summer/Sun... anything!

This image: Elena Sudakova in Fendi & Sacha Blue in Paule Ka  Ph. by Kristian Schuller | Tatler UK May 2011 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

saturdays surf nyc.

fish hook bracelets.

easter baby.

My sister took this picture on Sunday aka my niece Clara's first Easter. I wouldn't normally like to admit this, but her outfit was totally better then mine, props to her mama Candeth. I did give her that adorable headband which is from cstirlen. Clara also helped me pick out my necklace from Pat's Gallery of Antiques in our hometown - so stylish already.  As you can see we really enjoy each other's company, good thing since I'm her nanny 8-10 hours a day five days a week!


Etsy featured seller: Elkhorn (aka Monique). read the article here!

corter leather.

100% hand made by Eric Heins in a small bedroom studio in Boston, Massachusetts.


Gustav Klimt. Oil on canvas which was destroyed by fire at Immendorf Palace, 1945.

honest logos.

Monday, April 25, 2011

double-sided bow tie.


study 5.

jordan daines.

music monday 32..

Miranda Lambert with her new band Pistol Annies singing "Hell On Heels." on April 22, 2011 at the ACM Girls Night Out program. I try to deny that I like country, but, I'm willing to admit that there are just some artists I do and don't like as well as songs, this song happens to be in full appreciation. Download here.

looks we love : j.crew.

J. Crew offers summer ready outfits for their latest “Looks We Love” lookbook. I cannot wait for summer to finally arrive...

divine delicacy.

A decidedly decadant-looking cake styled and photographed by Katie Quinn Davis. For Easter I made a red velvet cake with buttercream frosting which we dyed robins egg blue. Not only was it super delicious it actually looked like it was popped out of Real Simple, it was the first cake I've ever made (other then Angel Food) and I was so surprised at how well it turned out. Props to Mom for finding the recipe!

take away beer, makes the atmosphere!

"Take Away Beer, Makes the Atmosphere!", Ivan Maximov, a design student from Russia created packaging design and rebranding for the Mug pub, a chain of football pubs in Moscow." Good idea + Classy design = success.