Monday, October 31, 2011

this is a bit of a side-track from my usual posting material, but, have any of you ever had a facial before? i just had one for the first time today. i never dish out money for things of that sort, (okay, i do color my hair) in any case, my mom got one for free from a deal and gifted it to me before my move. do you think she could see my stress? well, visual stress no longer folks! miracles can happen. it was so, so relaxing. if you've never had a facial before, i'd recommend giving it a try at least once, that means you too guys!
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Katarina Šoškić.

so obsessed with this post about fall foliage & flowers by amy over at design*sponge. one of my absolute favorite things about fall (after a. my birthday and b. having every pumpkin and squash recipe available) is the majestic scenery fall provides. so lovely. and these flower arrangements are definitely capturing the essence of the season. 

happy halloween everyone! what did you dress up as this year? i was unable to attend any holiday festivities due to other events going on, but i'm very tempted to put on my pointed elf ears today as i go about my 'normal' routine... 
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Monday, October 24, 2011

music monday 53.

these days (nico cover) : st. vincent 

peter peri.

looks we love : j.crew.

okay everyone, after a year of putting off my fear of having an iv in my arm, (in all honesty, i had a terrible experience with it once before - so don't judge!) i finally got my wisdom tooth out. i may have had a short moment where i wanted to run out of that room and get into my car, but i refused to be beat. thankfully, i have no problem with talking while things are being prepared which is my best method for getting through any medical-type of appointment. 

i'm thankful it was just one wisdom tooth and my cheek didn't blow up like a balloon or anything. some pain unfortunately and of course the lack of solid food for a few days, but i suppose it was worth it, so happy i made the appointment for 8am!

image via design is for living

Friday, October 21, 2011

have you been watching secrets from a stylist? if so, you may remember one of the earlier episodes with sage ravel (above). this little lady has gone and started small shop at home, where sage gives private (or group) art lessons for children. she can come to your home and give your child private art lessons (think private piano lessons - only now it's an art lesson!) she is also offering up group lessons as well. how awesome is that? she's only los angeles based right now, but spread the word, what a great idea.
via style by emily henderson