Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I apologize for my recent lack in posting. Preparing for the move (November 3rd) + work is definitely taking up most, if not all, of my time. 

I have decided that I'm going to get an Amazon Kindle. Prior to this decision I've always been able to borrow movies, books, cds from my local library since I don't buy any of those items anymore due to lack of storage room. I'm thinking it would be best when I move to have a Kindle to store any books I would like to purchase and reread. Plus, it's so easy to take with you anywhere (a lot of the books I read are bulky so it's actually a hassle taking them anywhere - sad!) 

I realize I'll be super busy when I move (from Wisconsin to California), but there's nothing that keeps me more grounded then escaping from the real world into a book, even if just for a little while. It allows my mind to take a break so after I read a few chapters and come back to making real-life decisions things return to black and white. Much more clear. Is it odd to read fiction books to help my mind come back to reality??? 

My current dilemma is, which Kindle do I get? By the end of Nov. there will be six different kinds to choose from. These are my top choices: 

Kindle Touch 3G : watch a short video here

Kindle Fire : watch a short video here

My sister has the Kindle Keyboard 3G and loves it. I think I'm leaning towards the Kindle Touch 3G. Honestly, do I need internet on every electronic device I own? I can watch movies on my Ipod and MacBook Pro. One day I may actually get a phone with internet access (which my Ipod also has). It seems unnecessary to me. I also like the charm of the Kindle Touch 3G being specifically for reading books, no other distractions. What do you think?

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