Wednesday, January 18, 2012


one of my resolutions this year was to start drinking more tea, especially in the evening (vs. brewing more coffee). shortly after the new year began my sister bought some tea from teavana and let me try. honestly, so delicious! i never thought i could say that about tea, but obviously i was misguided. we had a blend of blueberry bliss rooibos and strawberry lemonade herbal tea with a little added sugar. teavana is a bit out of my price range currently ($6.80 for 2 oz.) so i needed to search for a more affordable option.

and that's where celestial seasonings wild berry zinger! comes in. i also added a bit of sugar to this and it tastes like hot kool-aid - that is supposed to sound appealing, in case you're still unsure. you can serve these teas hot or cold. i picked up celestial seasonings at my local grocery store where it was $2.59 a box. i happened to have a $1.00 off coupon on "double daze" day so only paid $0.59 - it tastes sweeter by the sip! 

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