Wednesday, January 4, 2012


i'm not always as specific about what my new years resolutions are going to be. sometimes, i do things like "think before you speak, don't lie, don't be wasteful...etc." you may think these are lame, but, honestly, they have really been possible. this year i've come up with a few new ones:

1. learn to knit
   i really appreciate when you have an idea and you can bring it to life. my sewing machine is still one of my favorite possessions for that very reason. i actually have knitting needles, but just never got the hang of it. this is my year to learn.

2. take a yoga class
   most of the exercise routines i partake in involve the great outdoors. running, walking on trails, cycling, kayaking...etc. running on a treadmill or biking on a stationary bike indoors are no motivation for me. like many other wisconsinites i hibernate throughout the winter months only leaving the house to go to work and stop at the grocery store. and yeah, i invite friends over for coffee or a drink rather then meeting at a local shop. back to the point, there are so many benefits to yoga i'm not sure why i've never tried it before. and, if i can get the hang of it, i think there could be a chance i could do it on my own at times, right?

3. drink more tea
   i'm a coffee-aholic. i will only drink tea when i'm sick (lipton honey and lemon, anyone?) i will still drink coffee in the morning, but, if i want to brew some in the evening - i will rather, warm up a cup of tea. my sister drinks green tea and adds real honey, i'm thinking this mixture may be a good way to start.

readers, do any of you have resolutions for this new year?

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