Monday, March 14, 2011

Secrets from a Stylist : HGTV.

"Secrets From a Stylist takes a tailor-made approach to styling a room as Design Star winner and professional prop stylist, Emily Henderson, customizes a room layer by style layer to ultimately help the homeowners discover their individualized personal taste." On Saturday I watched the "Industrial Kitsch" episode where Emily mixed two different styles (Boy = Industrial, Girl = Kitsch) to mold both of their tastes together in one space. The couple lived in this really huge loft, but I think were a little overwhelmed with the possibilities of the space. Above are a few images of Emily's solution.

Note: I discovered that there was a "Mad Men Bohemian" episode - How could I miss that!? Thankfully they post full episodes on the site... phew!


  1. I love this show!!!

  2. Me too! This is actually the first ep I've seen -but we made sure not to miss it, even made a cup of joe to enjoy while watching :)