Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Currently Reading : Secretariat.

I first saw the Disney version of the story, Secretariat, about a month or so ago and loved it. Granted, I hadn't done my research before the movie because I wanted to be open-minded about how close it was to the facts. I've just started reading the book by William Nack and have reached the part in the story where Secretariat (also known as "Big Red") will first begin his real training as a race horse. I would DEFINITELY recommend becoming familiar with the story. Even going back to how Secretariat was chosen before birth (an offspring of Bold Ruler and Somethingroyal) to officially be owned by Penny Chenery through a coin toss between the Phipps (owners of Bold Ruler) and Chenerys (owners of Somethingroyal). A coin toss for rights to a horse still known as the number one race horse with records he still holds at the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes...

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